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Adopting a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset means having the belief you can be in control of your own ability and can improve and develop yourself. There are great benefits to adopting a growth mindset in all aspects of your life. It might be challenging for you to change your mindset at first, however all you need to make changes to your life are two things. Firstly, the intention to change and second, action.

Many of us unconsciously live with a negative fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset
•Avoids challenges
•Has a fear of failure
•Gives up when faced with obstacles
•Intimated by others success
•Unable to take criticism

A growth mindset is the opposite and is something we should all try to achieve.

A growth mindset:
•Views challenges as great adventures to help grow
•Turns failures into lessons
•Self motivated to develop their abilities
•Takes on board feedback

How do I adopt a growth mindset?

Understand that you have a choice.
You have a choice to see the negative or positive in situations. You can choose to think ‘What is this teaching me?‘ Not ‘why is this happening to me?’. You can learn from all your failures and mistakes. You can improve your abilities and skills in all areas of your life. You can be better and do better if you choose to.

Recognise how powerful your thoughts and mind are.
Mind power is the strongest powers you possess. Your thoughts influence everything in your life, including your behaviour, emotions and actions. Once you understand how powerful your thoughts are you will never think a negative thought again. Fill your mind with positivity and learn to turn a negative into a positive. Be excited about the change, trust it is happening for your highest good. Accept failure happens, embrace it and learn from it. Acknowledge criticism, take it on board and make changes to improve your service or self.

Change words you use.
Change I want to I choose. Use positive self talk like I will be, I am etc. You can not have a positive growth mindset if your thoughts and words are negative.

What are the benefits of living with a growth mindset?

Adopting a growth mindset increases your level of success in all areas of your life.

Self improvement and development.
You will improve and develop your abilities and skills.

Transforms your life.
It will dramatically transform your life! Your whole outlook will change.

Benefits mental health.
A growth mindset promotes happiness, optimism and self-confidence.

Sending love and light to you all,

Alyssa x

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  1. I love this. I choose to continuing growing into a growth mindset. Words are so important because they send messages back to ourselves. I always tell myself “I am going to the gym tonight” over “I’m thinking about going” or “I might go” because if I leave that doubt in my language then I don’t go.

    1. Alyssa says:

      Our self talk and language is so important and powerful! Thank you for all your support.

  2. As always, a great blog post that was easy and enjoyable to read! I really like the point of turn failures into lessons, that’s something I’m trying to work on so I can keep on achieving! x

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you so much for all of your support!

  3. Great post as usual Alyssa. I love how positively motivating this one was and I can resonate with a lot of what you wrote. We are in charge of our destinies, all we have to do is make some minor changes to our mindsets and anything will be possible.

  4. I love this post, I’m definitely guilty of having a negative mindset a lot of the time. I need to take steps to change that and this post has spurred me on to doing just that 🙂

    1. Alyssa says:

      That is great! I am positive with intention and action you will change your mindset. It is never too late to change. X

  5. Another great post, Alyssa!
    I was just thinking about how a self-limiting mindset is formed from years of mindless repetitive and negative thoughts. Breaking those habits and replacing them with new ones can be a real challenge. But I love visiting your blog and reading your posts because you always remind me and your readers that it’s possible to do so. Thanks for sharing.

    Mind and Love

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you so much for all your support Roger. I agree, our minset can alter our whole life! It is never too late to make changes.

  6. Lovely post! Forcing yourself to adjust your thinking makes such a huge difference in life. I adopted a growth mindset last year when I realized my job was toxic and now I’ve found myself in a much better job and a mental and financial position that’s 10000 times better than where I was this time last year! Thank you for writing about such an important topic 💚

    1. Alyssa says:

      That is so wonderful to read! I am so happy for you. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.

  7. “Understand that you have a choice.”

    This is so accurate & this is literally the reason I think so much of us are held back from growing. I know it certainly is a big roadblock for my own growth.

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing this with us!

    – Nyxie

  8. LOVE IT! This is one of my favorite topics!

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you!

  9. I love the idea of changing ‘I want ‘ to ‘I choose’! So powerful! Love this post.

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you so much!

  10. This is such an inspirational blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Couldn’t agree more. It’s all on us how we want our life to be.
    Your post is simple and effective in driving the message home.

  12. I adore this blog post! This is some great stuff.

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you so much.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this my dear, it’s incredibly helpful and motivating. I’ll make sure to follow your tips ;).

  14. Johnny says:

    Very positive and practical Alyssa. Love it!! I like how you outline the differences between the mentality of a person with a negative mindset and a person with a growth mindset as you call it. Trying new things or always being open to new experiences is another thing that a growth mindset brings about in my opinion

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

  15. Adopting a growth mindset has been one of my biggest obstacles in life as I’ve been brought up coming from a place of scarcity. No matter what I did, I always fret that I was just adding to the noise, that there wasn’t enough space for me (nor anyone else), nor enough resources to go around… it stresses me out so much. I do hope I can get over this though – thank you so much for the boost!

  16. This is a great post! I know I need to a lot more of these things. When a lot of negative things happen at once, I do tend to default to “Why is this happening to me?” I really need to change that. Thanks so much for the tips!

    1. Alyssa says:

      Your welcome, thank you so much for commenting.

  17. I choose to tell you how awesome this article is! Very uplifting and you make great points about not letting negativity get the best of you.

    1. Alyssa says:

      Thank you so much Michael!

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