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Create your own Sacred Space

A Sacred Space is an area that is used as your Spiritual Alter, Yoga Corner, Meditation Corner or a safe relaxing spot of meaning for you. You do not need to dedicate a room or large amount of space to create your own Sacred Space. By all means you can if you want to! But for ones who do not have the space to do so, you could simply use a table top or desk top etc. 

What to remember when creating your Sacred Space

Your Sacred Space should be personal to you and and your beliefs. Include items that ground you, connect you and bring you peace and harmony.  Below I have listed some examples and ideas of what you can include in your Sacred Space.

What to include in your Sacred Space


I adore my crystals and there is no better place to keep your crystal collection that in your Sacred Space. Crystals are not only captivating with their beauty but they all have their own energy and uses. 

8 crystals you need to own

10 ways to use crystals


I personally have Buddha heads in my space, but you can have any figures that have deep meaning to you or compliment your beliefs in your space.  They do not necessarily have to be religious if you do not have any religious beliefs. 


Burning incense is not just relaxing but also fantastic for connecting spiritually on many levels. There are incenses available for everything!

For white sage lovers, I currently have hand rolled white sage incense in stock. They have a strong long lasting smell that will fill your house for hours. 

Etsy-White Sage Incense


For those that do not burn sage I can not recommend it enough. Sag smudging has unbelievable benefits from killing airborne bacteria to cleansing your space and aura of any negative energies. If you want to learn more about the benefits of sage smudging and how to do it then follow my link below.

Sage smudging 101

Sage smudging sticks are also something I currently stock on my Etsy shop. I could not not stock these as I such a strong believer in their benefits and help in spiritual growth.

Etsy-Sage Smudge Sticks

Essential oils

My essential oil set is safely included with in my Sacred Space. They are available to use when needed and I love using them during meditation. 

Learn more about essential oils here

Script or Books

If you are an owner of any accent script, religious books or inspirational books the ensure to include these in your space. 

Tarot or Oracle cards

If you use Tarot or Oracle cards then ensure you add these to your Sacred Space too! Tarots and Oracles like to have a home and not just be left on the side. There is no better home for them than somewhere special that means something to you. Having sage close to hand means you can easily cleanse your cards too!

Meditation Beads

As your Sacred Space is somewhere where you will meditate or connect spiritually/religiously it is good to keep any religious beads or meditation beads here. 


You could include candles that have essential oil blends to relax you, help your mind, body or spirit  or ones you can use in spells. Either way candles are another beautiful item to consider including. 

I would always recommend burning candles that are natural and mad with non toxic ingredients. Ones that are made with toxic ingredients will leave black marks on the glass from burning. Ones that are made with essential oils rather than fragrance oils will have benefits to your mind, body and spirit. 

All my candles that I create are natural and each have an individual purpose. To check out my beautiful candles click my link to my Etsy store below.

Etsy The Sacred Space AP

Meditation Candle by Alyssa Pierce

I hope this has given you some ideas and inspiration for your Sacred Space!

Sending love and light,

Alyssa x

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  1. Love all of these suggestions! I have two sacred spaces in my house – one is an altar for decor relevant to whichever sabbat is closest (or theme I want to focus on) and the other is my art studio/office/yoga & fitness room, which contains pretty much everything you’ve mentioned and allows for focus, relaxation, and physical/spiritual development all in one place. Love having an area like that!

    1. Alyssa says:

      Your studio sounds amazing!
      Thank you so much for your comment.

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