The Ultimate Evening Routine

How many of you have an evening routine?

Adopting an evening routine can be life changing! Not only can it make you more productive and manage your time better but it can also improve your quality of sleep and decrease those stress levels.

What to avoid in the evenings

Sitting in bed on your phone

Avoiding tasks that need to be done

Negative self talk


Mid night snacking


The Ultimate Evening Routine

Gratitude List

Write at least 5 things from today that you are grateful for. No matter how small they may seem, shifting your focus to feeling gratitude has a positive impact on your mindset and life. The more you feel grateful the more The Universe will bring things into your life to feel grateful for.

Manifest List

Write a manifesting list by simply writing “I am attracting into my life….” and list what you are attracting. Write what you are manifesting like you already have it, that part is key!

Unplug from social media

It is easy to sit mindlessly flicking through social media wasting an hour of your time where you could be doing something productive or giving yourself some self care. Use your time wisely! Furthermore, putting your phone down an hour before bedtime will improve your quality of sleep.

Tidy up

Do the dishes, clean the kitchen or living room etc so it is nice and tidy for you in the morning. There is nothing worse than starting your day with a sink full of washing or cleaning that needs to be done.

Plan for the next day

Write a list may it be a, to do list or a goal list for the following day and then follow it. Think will allow you to focus your energy where it needs to be focused and to start on target for achieving your goals.

Chamomile Tea

I am a big fan of Chamomile and its benefits. This herbal tea will help your body relax, calm your mind and promote a good nights sleep.


Dedicate some time in the evening to meditate before bed. Grounding yourself and deep meditation breathing will relax your mind, body and soul ready for a good nights sleep. It is also important to have some stillness, learn to control your thoughts and let go of any negativity from that day.

Skin care routine

Give yourself a bit of TLC or self care before bed. A good skin care routine is important and you do not need to break the bank to invest in your skin.  Take a glass of water to bed with you to keep yourself and our skin hydrated.

Sending love and light

Alyssa x

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